Wood Stove Story

A wood stove has been the center of the home for thousands of years of human history.  However, for some reason people seem to think they can forego a wood stove and that they are archaic and not worthwhile.  This could not be further from the truth; particularly as the harsh New England winter begins to creep in.  The reality is that if you place a wood stove in the most commonly used room of your home you can save hundreds of dollars in heating costs per year as well as have a beautiful new furnishing and centerpiece for your home.

Wood stove fireplace in comfort cozy house

Homes often benefit from a concept known as ‘zone heating’, where an alternate heating source like a stove serves as the primary heating agent in a room that is highly used by the occupants.  And our gas log-sets and gas inserts work wonderfully in this role.  You can easily heat the most commonly used area of your home with either of the options we offer.  And as the heat emanates outward from the room it is being used in you will notice that not only will your heating costs for that specific room be minimized but also the heating costs for other rooms in your home.

You may be wondering if in the long run a gas insert is less efficient and more expensive than purely using oil heat.  The answer is no.  The average gas insert is usually far more efficient at both heating and at the rate it burns fuel than any oil heating competitors so every year your savings will continue to pile up.  If you plan on living in your home for a while or making it more attractive to prospective buyers you’ll find few superior investments of your money than a gas insert stove.  Additionally, gas inserts have been proven to be better for the environment than oil heating because of how cleanly gas burns and because of the efficiency at which it burns.  Maintenance is also easier on a gas insert than a traditional wood stove.  You will find that because quite a bit of the heat is provided by clean burning gas the overall workload to maintain and keep the gas insert running cleanly is going to barely be any step above in time and effort than a purely oil heated home.  Finally, because of how clean burning a gas-insert is, you are going to find the overall air quality of your home has improved to a noticeable degree as compared to a traditional stove or oil heated home.

Wood stove in brick fireplace people drinking tea

So, if you purchase a new stove from us, you are not only going to be heating your home at a more cost effective margin via the properties of zone heating, but you will also be able to add value to your home via an attractive and easy to manage hearth located in the heart of your home.